100 Facts: Planet Earth

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100 Facts Planet Earth book for kids is bursting with awesome images, great activities and exactly 100 mind-blowing facts. Children will learn everything they need to know about our wonderful planet.

100 Facts Planet Earth book for kids covers key topics about our world in easily-digestible, numbered facts. Every page features detailed illustrations and colourful photographs that bring the text to life for kids.

Essential topics covered in 100 Facts Planet Earth:
• Where Earth came from and where it is in space
• The layers of Earth, precious materials and preserving the planet
• Natural events, spectacular scenery and what we can learn about the evolution of Earth

Examples of ‘I don’t believe it’ fascinating facts:
• Some fossils of bacteria are 3.5 billion years old.
• The longest stalactite is 59 metres long. The tallest stalagmite is 32 metres tall.
• By the middle of the 21th century, 30–50 percent of all living species may be extinct.

Activities to make learning accessible and interactive include:
• Make salt crystals using table salt, a magnifying glass and a dark-coloured bowl!
• Recreate a geyser eruption using a bucket, plastic funnel and plastic tubing
• Quiz question: What shape is a barchan sand dune?

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Product Description

  • Pages: 48
  • Age: 7+
  • Publisher: Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd
  • Dimensions: 297 x 228 mm
  • Format: Paperback with holographic foil


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